In spring 2018 Mo Farah was gearing up to run his first ever professional marathon race in London. This was a big deal for Mo and an historic moment for Nike. He was going to be running it in their new Vaporfly 4% running shoes.

W+K London were tasked with creating a marathon focused campaign targeting London teenagers.

Two issues with that:

1) London teenagers don’t care about the London marathon. They’re too young to run it and they don’t watch the BBC.

2) London teenagers aren’t enthused by running gear. They don’t get excited for the launch of a new running shoe in the same way that they get hyped for the drop of a new pair of Air Max sneaks…

We created a two-part campaign. One for Instagram stories, one for Instagram Feed.

The latter can be found here

The Stories element can be found below.

(*Nominated for Cannes Lion 2018)

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