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"What if someone in an advert could actually buy you a beer..." That's the sort of stupid 2am idea that often leads to interesting work.

We were tasked with getting the people who stay in and watched films on a Friday and Saturday night to buy Grolsch beer from their local shop.

We created two TV spots, which ran on Sky Movies and referenced classic film genres. Each one featured a protagonist who never speaks. "Their character speaks louder than words."

When watching the ad, the viewer was prompted to text the character. Your text would actually appear on the character's phone, and then he would reply. If the character had 'heard of you', he would send you a mobile voucher for a free 4 pack of beer! 

Produced by Stink Digital. Directed by Yann Damage


The Case Study

Sky Movies TV 1

Sky Movies TV 2

Online/Mobile Design 

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